Indigenous Wildlife

There is the seamlessly integrated, relaxed ambience of outdoor living in the bushveld, with all the modern conveniences expected of a world-class, family orientated estate.

Zimbali is one of the last remaining areas of natural coastal forest in South Africa, thus a strict conservation policy was implemented to harness the heritage of this region. Zimbali has acted as a conservancy for the re-establishment of many threatened indigenous species.


Coastal Sand Forest

The enchanting 1000-year-old Coastal sand forests extend to the Indian Ocean and beaches. The secluded beach pool is equipped with umbrellas, loungers and provided refreshments. This stretch of coastline is not designated for swimming, however other bathing beaches are located nearby.

The Valley of Flowers

Located north on the eastern coast of South Africa, overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, Zimbali, the Zulu meaning for “valley of flowers” – is a resort destination unlike any other.

Unspoiled and lush, marked by endless beaches and clear skies, Zimbali exceeds your imagination’s ultimate expectations.

Over 200 Species of Birds

Zimbali has an ecologically rich sub-tropical forest and contains the biological diversity of indigenous wildlife with well over 200 species of birds.