There is no better place from which to explore the wonderful KwaZulu Natal North Coast area, than Zimbali Estate. Privately and peacefully located on the edge of bustling Ballito, Zimbali Estate offers access to schools, medical facilities and retail stores, as well as a treasure trove of boutique stores, markets, biking trails, surfing beaches and nearby game reserves. It is also the perfect place to discover a whole range of activities, like fishing, diving, microlighting. It is also close to the safe swimming beaches at Ballito and a range of spectacular surfing beaches in the area.
Zimbali Estate is a beautiful environment from which to explore and discover new people and places. And make endless memories.

The Rise of Eco-Estate Living

World renowned eco-estate Zimbali Estate has teamed up with global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth to review the rise of eco-estate living worldwide.
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Zimbali Estate Podcast Series

Zimbali Estate Podcast – Episode 4: Crowned Eagles

Join our host, Shannon Vermaak, in conversation with renowned Biologist and Crowned Eagle Researcher, Shane McPherson, and Zamani Gwala, the Environmental Officer at Zimbali Estate, as they discuss the magnificent breeding pair of African Crowned Eagles that call Zimbali Estate home, and the research and conservation work that is being done to protect this near-threatened species.

Zimbali Estate Podcast – Episode 3: Smart Living

Join our host Shannon Vermaak and special guests as they discuss the concept of ‘Living Smart’ and delve into three key areas where sustainable and smart technologies have shaped the way we design and inhabit our living spaces.

Whether it’s in sustainable landscaping, green architecture, or smart interior or exterior technology, this podcast highlights the importance of embracing innovation while prioritising the wellbeing of both people and the planet.

Zimbali Estate Podcast – Episode 2: The Art of Governance

“As in golf, as in life, you need to keep going. You can’t stop somewhere down the golf course and just go home. You have to finish the game and you need to make the best out of what you’ve got on the day. “ – Francois Schoeman

In this not-to-be-missed episode, host Shannon Vermaak gains interesting insights from Zimbali Estate CEO, Francois Schoeman.

Zimbali Estate Podcast – Episode 2: Trailer

Join host Shannon Vermaak as she gets to know more about CEO Francois Schoeman and gains interesting insights into his views on leadership and governance, what challenges residential communities are facing and why strategy is critical to business success, including the building and preserving of Zimbali Estate’s own success story.

Zimbali Estate Podcast – Episode 1: Environment Conservation

Join host Shannon Vermaak in an interesting conservation conversation with Brendan Smith, the Environmental Manager of Zimbali Estate.

The Zimbali Estate Podcast Series

Authentic living news at its best!

Join Shannon Vermaak, host of the Zimbali Estate Podcast Series, to find out more about the incredible stories, interesting discussions and exciting news on the flora, fauna and people that call Zimbali Estate home.


Twiggy – World Champion Big Wave Surfer at Zimbali Estate

Twiggy’ is an awe-inspiring short film that delves into the captivating world of big wave surfing with legendary three-times world champion, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker.

Crowned Eagle Nest Live Stream

This is a live stream from the crowned eagle nest camera on Zimbali Estate. The eagles currently are sitting on two eggs, and we hope they will hatch later this month.

Crowned Eagles of Zimbali

These Endangered birds successfully breed every year in a nest close to the Zimbali Lodge at Zimbali Estate, and offer guests an incredible, up-close-and-personal view into their habits and breeding cycles.

Antelope of Zimbali

A mini-documentary featuring two of Zimbali’s bigger antelope, the Bushbuck and Impala, that co-habit harmoniously with each other and the people of Zimbali Estate.

Water Birds of Zimbali

Two of the 200-plus bird species at Zimbali – the Fish Eagles and Goliath Herons – call the natural water lakes at Zimbali home, and are able to successfully breed on this residential estate.

Primates of Zimbali

Vervet monkeys breed prolifically, and are a fascinating yet challenging part of the natural ecosystem of Zimbali Estate, as they try to bypass their natural food sources and get into the houses on the estate in a quest to find food.

Ground Predators of Zimbali

The African Rock Python at Zimbali are an important part of the ecosystem, helping to keep the numbers of buck and other wildlife species down. Playing their part too, the Banded Mongoose help maintain the natural order of things, through their feeding and breeding habits.

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