Zimbali Estate is a natural and contemporary coastal forest estate, with its roots deeply entrenched in an interesting and evocative legacy. It offers an authentic and harmonious lifestyle to the multi-generations of families who call Zimbali Estate home.

Our eco-friendly estate is designed with a gentle touch, and we balance caring for the environment with maintaining a lifestyle relevant for the diverse community of residents who love living within this haven for nature. Zimbali Estate is all about harmony and peace, and about equilibrium between our residents, our wildlife, our birdlife and our incredible flora. Life at Zimbali Estate is true authentic living.


Zimbali Estate is alive with possibility, offering countless ways to live. Here, every family member can experience and enjoy the diversity of amenities and activities, whether it’s birding, biking, or just being.

The showcase of beautiful homes range from a unique Afro-Balinese architectural style to modern houses embodying the latest trends in design and sustainability. Home is a sacred space where families begin and create memories for a lifetime. It is where we learn and grow, rest and rejuvenate, find ourselves and reconnect with those we love. And there is no better place to be home than at Zimbali Estate.

Zimbali Estate is also home to  Zimbali Lodge and The Capital Zimbali –  leading international hotels that offer world-class accommodation, and business and leisure amenities. They also have a range of restaurants offering unique al fresco and quality indoor dining options. The Valley of the Pools is where families play. Here, the laughter of children splashing in the pools rises above the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, and it’s easy to get a little mesmerised by the beautiful open vistas of the warm golden beach and deep blue Indian Ocean beyond.  The Zimbali Country Club, with its contemporary Indonesian-African design, is the heart of the spectacular 5-star golf course, and offers great dining options for families. So, too, does the Bushbuck Club with its family-oriented menu, children’s playground, soccer field, tennis courts and squash courts. Close by is the Bushbuck Pools and lots more family facilities, including water slides, an enclosed entertainment area for hosting functions and kids parties, and two refreshing swimming pools for loads of family fun.

Beyond all these activities and amenities, Zimbali Estate offers something even more important. It offers peace of mind and secure lifestyle living. It offers balance and the promise of renewal of body, mind and spirit. It offers reconnection to family, friends and the natural environment. And it offers a very special, unique and authentic living experience.



Being surrounded by nature awakens our senses, and reconnects us with others and ourselves. And Zimbali Estate offers an unsurpassed wildlife experience. You know it each time you stop to fill your lungs with brisk forest air, as you take a quiet solitary stroll through the ancient coastal sand forest on a winter’s morning. You see it as you watch a Goliath Heron break the sun-kissed surface of the lake. And you feel it in the warm sand under your feet as you gaze, awestruck, at a Southern Right whale and its calf breaching close to the shore. Zimbali Estate’s focus is on conserving and experiencing nature. It offers a front-row seat to a natural haven with over 200 species of birds, and is brimming with flora and fauna, offering a very special and unique nature experience to those who live here.


Enjoying a meal is important to sustain us - but food nourishes our souls just as much. It brings joy. It brings people together. Sharing a meal with loved ones reminds us what is important in life. And at Zimbali Estate, it’s the important things in life that really matter. From top-class cuisine in luxury dining settings, to simple wholesome cooking and poolside relaxation, the extensive menu of dining options at Zimbali Estate will suit every taste - whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, plan the perfect evening with business partners or just take a night off cooking to spend quality time with those you love.


Zimbali Estate is where families come together. It’s where people connect…sometimes for life. And sometimes for business. Zimbali Beach, Zimbali Lodge, The Capital Zimbali and Zimbali Country Club are stunning locations that offer all the sophistication, unique style and world-class personal service you need to make your wedding, corporate conference or family celebration, an unforgettable event.


Zimbali Estate is a sun-filled, vibrant and inspiring place

A place where every member of the family can find their inner joy. The features inside and around the estate are endless. The five-star golf course is where your feet touch the green ground while you aim for the stars. 

The playgrounds at Zimbali Estate are as bright and colourful as the children who play there, and also a safe and secure haven for children of all ages to explore and discover life as it was always meant to be lived.

Welcome to authentic living. Welcome to Zimbali Estate.


Zimbali Estate is the perfect base from which to explore the spectacular KwaZulu Natal North Coast.

Apart from a plethora of retail stores located nearby, the surrounding areas are a treasure trove of boutique stores, markets, biking trails, surfing beaches and game reserves just waiting to be discovered.

Whether your great love is sailing the open seas, landing a 25kg Garrick off the craggy beach rocks, hang gliding over endless green farm fields, balancing on a taut rope under a canopy of trees, or just feeling the cool foamy ocean teasing your toes as your children dig for beach treasure nearby, play creates memories. And Zimbali Estate’s beautiful environment gives you amazing opportunities to choose your memories.