Estate Security

Estate Security

One of the primary reasons for owners purchasing within Zimbali is the safety and security offered by the Estate. Within the Estate, there is a full time Security Manager who controls diplomatic-level security with unobtrusive systems and checkpoints, allowing owners and residents the freedom to live ‘outwards’ without ‘inwards’ security restrictions. An electrified security fence protects the entire Estate with access points controlled through guarded gates.

The Estate residential areas and the Zimbali Lodge and Country Club are covered by a contract between a security company (guarding and electronic), and the Management Association. A security committee oversees the overall operation of this service.

The Estate is proud of its security arrangements, guarded access gates, electrical fences, close circuit television and patrol guards. Electronically coded remote access discs allow controlled movement for residential members and their guests through the gates and booms.

CanCom ID Tech scanning devices are at every entrance to the Estate and all valid driver’s licenses and motor vehicle licenses have to be electronically scanned before entrance is permitted into the Estate.

Contact – Jacques Jansen van Rensburg Security Manager can be reached
at +27 (0)32 538-4226 and in an emergency at +27 (0)32 538-4226