Ground Predators of Zimbali

The African Rock Python at Zimbali are an important part of the ecosystem, helping to keep the numbers of buck and other wildlife species down. Playing their part too, the Banded Mongoose help maintain the natural order of things, through their feeding and breeding habits.

Crowned Eagles of Zimbali

These Endangered birds successfully breed every year in a nest close to the Fairmont Lodge at Zimbali Coastal Resort, and offer guests an incredible, up-close-and-personal view into their habits and breeding cycles.

Primates of Zimbali

Vervet monkeys breed prolifically, and are a fascinating yet challenging part of the natural ecosystem of Zimbali Coastal Resort, as they try to bypass their natural food sources and get into the houses on the estate in a quest to find food.

Water Birds of Zimbali

Two of the 200-plus bird species at Zimbali – the Fish Eagles and Goliath Herons – call the natural water lakes at Zimbali home, and are able to successfully breed on this residential estate.

Night Creatures of Zimbali

Not often seen because of their shy and nocturnal natures, the Bush Pig and Bushbabies of Zimbali add an interesting dimension to the wildlife offering at Zimbali Coastal Resort.

Antelope of Zimbali

A mini-documentary featuring two of Zimbali’s bigger antelope, the Bushbuck and Impala, that co-habit harmoniously with each other and the people of Zimbali Coastal Resort.

We are the Lucky Ones

Catch a small glimpse into the world of the ‘lucky ones’. Watch our new film featuring a beautiful soundtrack produced by international artist Steve Collom. Step into paradise where you are surrounded by deserted beaches and the warm Indian ocean teeming with oceanic life. Immerse yourself in a setting covered with lush coastal vegetation where indigenous wildlife roam free and a five-star championship golf course and world-class spa is on your door step. Come stay with the ‘lucky ones’.


The Resort has ample amenities on offer including two world class hotels: The beautiful Fairmont Zimbali Lodge and luxurious Fairmont Zimbali Resort. Both hotels have outstanding restaurants with al fresco dining and renowned international chefs. The Country Club, with a combination of Indonesian and African design, sits in the centre of the 5 star golf course. The Willow Stream Spa creates a balanced state of wellbeing and the spectacular ‘Valley of the Pools’ will feed your soul. Zimbali holiday rentals boast an array of choice, from lavish beachfront villas to golf vista hideaways.


Extending from the warm Indian Ocean over miles of deserted beaches to a rare 1000 year old coastal sand forest and rising up to hills with uninterrupted 360 degree views is a paradise called Zimbali – “The Valley of Flowers” in Zulu. This ecologically rich sub-tropical forest is home to over 200 species of birds and spectacular indigenous wild life including Bushbuck, Vervet monkeys and Banded Mongoose. Nestled in the Forest and beside the 5 star golf course are magnificent, ecologically designed homes with an unprecedented level of luxury.


The resort offers a large range of tailored holistic experiences designed to guide guests in choosing the activities suited to them. Zimbali has its own pristine, secluded beach, with a collection of 5 pools known as The ‘Valley of the Pools’. Within the resort is an 18-hole, five-star golf experience, 6 floodlit tennis courts and two squash courts. Enjoy the lush splendour of nature with South Africa’s first Aerial Boardwalk where the abundant game viewing and bird watching is enviable. Ensuring the whole family is catered for, there is a dedicated roster of kids activities to keep the little ones entertained.


Zimbali Coastal Resort is a place where infinite deserted beaches divide the warm Indian Ocean and the lush coastal vegetation. A place where you observe schools of dolphins frolicking in the waves and gentle whale sharks cruising lazily by. A place to enjoy bird watching and encounter over 200 species of birds, as well as indigenous wild life game viewing with shy blue duiker and families of bushbuck wandering through.


From lavish beachfront homes to secluded forest and golf vista hideaways, visitors are spoilt for choice with an array of the finest in luxury Zimbali self-catering apartments and Zimbali holiday houses for rental, ensuring your stay in paradise is nothing short of exclusive and memorable. Zimbali rental guests enjoy complimentary access to a variety of five-star facilities and recreational activities, including the opulent Valley of the Pools with panoramic views of the warm Indian Ocean, tranquil lakes and flowing waterfalls. Plus, the endless stretch of the secluded Zimbali beach.