Late or Short Payments

Late or Short Payments

All levy monies are required timeously to meet ZEMA’s obligations. Late receipt of payments is detrimental to the financial interests of the Association’s members and therefore, any arrear levy bears interest at a rate equal to the prime overdraft rate charged by the Standard Bank of South Africa plus three percentage points. Should owners anticipate being out of town, they should arrange for the advanced payment of levies to meet the due dates. Non-payment of the invoiced levy amount and any deductions there from may not, under any circumstances, be made by members to offset so-called or perceived partial or non-provision of services. Arrear levy accounts over 30 days are handed over to ZEMA’s attorneys and will accrue legal costs.

If members, contractors or service providers fail to comply with the rules, the Board has the right to impose financial penalties. Fines, where imposed on owners, shall be deemed to be part of the levy due by the owner.

·         Contravention of Estate Rules by “Others”

Any contravention of the Estate Rules by any person who gains access to the Estate under the authorisation of a member shall be deemed to be a contravention by the member.

Contravention of the Estate Rules by Contractors, Sub-Contractors or any Service Provider will also make them liable to fines and may jeopardise that company’s/ individual’s continuance of business activities on the Estate.

·         Visitors

Members shall be responsible for the actions and behaviour as well as the compliance with all rules and security procedures of all visitors who gain access to the Estate under their authorisation.