In attempt to further enhance the safety of Zimbali Residents and their belongings, all Residents are requested to follow the below procedures when allowing their employees (such as housekeepers, gardeners, etc) to remove an item from the Estate:

Procedure for the removal of goods (non-food items) only:
1. Contact our 24hr Control Room on (032) 538-4200 to obtain a security reference number.
2. Complete the Authorisation for an Employee to Remove Goods from the Estate form.
3. Upon the employee’s exit, ZEMA Security will verify the reference number to ensure its authenticity.
4. All employees will be searched on exiting the Estate and checks will be conducted with regards to all items leaving the Estate.
5. The form will be filed for future reference.

Click here to download the relevant form.

Procedure for the removal of “food” items only:
1. Contact our 24hr Control Room on (032) 538-4200 to obtain a Once-off Blanket Reference Number for “Food”. This reference number will be applicable ONLY for “food” items issued to the Employee and is to be used thereafter on every “food” authorisation form completed by the Resident.
2. Complete the Authorisation for an Employee to Remove FOOD from the Estate form. The Resident is required to draw a line through the spacing that is not used to fill in food items listed, thereby preventing the employee from attempting to fraudulently add any food items to the list.

If any goods other than food are listed on a “Food” Authorisation Form upon exit by the employee, the form will not be deemed as valid and therefore not be accepted by ZEMA Security. The items in the employee’s possession will be confiscated, and the Employer (Member/Resident) will be contacted immediately by the security personnel to advise them of the attempted breach.

Click here to download the relevant form.