Definition of a “Private Function”

Any activity of more than 10 people which seeks to preclude Members of the Association and/or their guests other than those specifically invited by the organiser of the function for an agreed period of time, from using a designated public area.

Rules and Procedures for Private Functions

The ZEMA Estate rules will be observed at all times, particularly with regard to those under the headings of “General Open Space Rules” and ”Use of Public Areas”. For any private function, a ZEMA application form, must be completed and forwarded to at least 7 days prior to the event. A full guest list must be submitted with the function form. The General Manager will take cognisance of all prevailing conditions and circumstances when considering each request and before authorising the application.

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Members may elect to pay their levies and any other accounts with ZEMA via debit order,  Members are assured that the amount of the order is fully under the control of ZEMA and not the banking institutions.  Please address any queries to the ZEMA offices for the attention of

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All photographic shoots on common property must be approved on merit.  All such shoots are to be referred and motivated to the ZEMA General Manager for consideration and approval.

The general rule is that no photographic shoots for gain may be approved and all applications for shoots of the common property must be submitted in writing.

No shoots may take place without prior authorisation.

This does not affect any photo shoot on a Member’s own private property where ZEMA only need to be informed to organize access.

No photographic shoots are permitted unless in the interest of Zimbali and written permission and authorisation must first be given by the ZEMA General Manager.

A requisition form to this effect needs to be completed and sent to the ZEMA offices for approval.  For assistance, please contact

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Member’s access devices need to be applied for and purchased through the ZEMA Access Control office.  Access discs/remotes are issued to individual Members.  Each access device has a unique number and is registered against the users’ identity number.  A maximum of four access discs/remotes may be issued to the owner.
In the case where the owner owns more than one property, the maximum number of discs may not be increased and remains at a maximum of four.  Where the owner is not in residence, and has only purchased land, the owner will be issued with one access device and where building is in progress, but not complete, 2 access devices will be issued.
The individual Member is the only authorised user of the access device.  This access device may not be used by a third party and abuse may lead to fines being imposed.

For further assistance regarding Members access devices, please contact

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The responsible Owner may make special application to ZEMA’s office, for two Member’s Guest Cards, to be used for guests legitimately staying with Owners / Residents for a limited period.

Once these discs have been purchased from the Access Control office, a Member’s Guest Notification form will need to be completed and submitted to the ZEMA Welcome Centre for processing.

Should you require further assistance in this regard, please contact

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Rentals can only be arranged through the ZEMA accredited agents.  Owners who rent out either privately, through the services of the rental division at Zimbali, or through a rental agent, need to complete the ‘ZEMA Property Rental Application Form” for rentals.  Following this a ‘ZEMA Rental Notification’ form must be completed for each rental period.
These forms are available from the ZEMA offices and a rental administration fee, which is subject to change from time to time, is charged for each rental by ZEMA.  Access shall not be granted to any guest should the relevant forms not be completed or the fees not paid to ZEMA.

A map of the Estate is issued to all guests on arrival at the ZEMA Welcome Centre, for their convenience. Click here to download the ZEMA Welcome Centre Map.

For further details or assistance with regards to rentals at Zimbali Coastal Resort, please contact or

Click here to download the ZEMA Property Rental Application form.
Click here to download the ZEMA Rental Notification form.

All domestic workers are to be registered with ZEMA.  Domestic workers will be registered in two categories: “permanent” (i.e. live in) and “contracted” (i.e. live out).  Permanent domestic workers are to be restricted to access through the Contractors Gate only for better control.

For further information regarding the registration of Domestic workers, please contact

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