Liesl van den Berg – Financial Manager
Tel: +27 (0)32 538-4220

Financial Administrator
– Responsible for the facilitation of all ZEMA Creditors
Tel: +27 (0)32 538-4304

Debtors Clerk
– Responsible for the facilitation of all Levy Accounts, Queries & Fines
Tel: +27 (0)32 538-4307

Debtors Clerk
– Responsible for the facilitation of Rental Accounts, Fractional Accounts, Road Surcharges & liaising with attorneys regarding the facilitation of consents to transfer and mortgage
Tel: +27 (0)32 538-4316

Debtors Clerk
– ZCC – Responsible for the facilitation of all Zimbali Country Club Debtor Accounts with regards to subscriptions and handicap fees
Tel: +27 (0)32 538-4334

Membership of ZEMA is mandatory for all purchasers of residential property, vacant land, a hotel or any other development. Membership cannot be resigned. When any property is to be sold, ZEMA must be advised within 7 days of any sale. The standard ZEMA sale agreement must be used for the transaction and transfer may not take place without ZEMA’s written consent. In the case of the sale of a member’s interest in a closed corporation (cc) or shares in a company or beneficial interest in a trust, the owner must also advise ZEMA of the sale within 7 days. Failure to do so can delay transfer of the property.

As required by the Articles of Association, a Finance Committee, appointed by the Board, shall establish and maintain a levy fund sufficient in its opinion for the control, management, maintenance and administration of the Association including the provision of security services for the Estate. Funds required to run and operate the Estate are estimated in advance for each year. The budget consists of all items of expenditure likely to be incurred in the control, management, administration, and provision of facilities for the Estate in general and in particular of its common property. The ZEMA levy is determined by dividing the forecast expenditure by the total quantity of leviable units in the Estate. Levies are due in advance for the full 12-month period in January of each calendar year or monthly advance payment via debit order.

Members have the option to pay their levies in one of the two following ways as stipulated by the Board:-

Payment Option 1
Members may pay for the full 12-month period in advance. Members who choose this option will be allowed a discount on their annual levies (subject to ZEMA Board review from time to time at their discretion) and payment must be made by January 31st of each calendar year to benefit from this discount. Details are available from the ZEMA offices.

Payment Option 2
Members may pay in 12 monthly instalments and payment is due in advance by the first day of each calendar month via debit order.  The Debit Order system is compulsory to avoid any delay in payment, particularly for members who may reside overseas. Members are assured that the amount of the order is fully under the control of ZEMA and not the banking institutions.

Please address any account queries to the ZEMA offices for the attention Any other payments options may be considered on special request. Please direct these enquiries to the ZEMA offices. ZEMA reserves the right to immediately request full payment of the annual levy should the Resident fall into arrears.

In the case of sectional title developments, the respective Body Corporate will request a specific levy, in addition to the ZEMA levy, to cover the costs applicable to that particular development. This will typically include such items as garden maintenance, exterior painting, water and electricity for common areas, insurance of the building, wages of any staff employed etc.

The rules governing the payment of levies on fractional ownership properties differ from private single residential sites. The levies applicable to and payable by the promoters of fractional properties within Zimbali are subject to change from time to time, and it remains the responsibility of each such promoter to familiarise himself with the current ZEMA requirements.

All levy monies are required timeously to meet ZEMA’s obligations. Late receipt of payments is detrimental to the financial interests of the Association’s members and therefore, any arrear levy bears interest at a rate equal to the prime overdraft rate charged by the Standard Bank of South Africa plus three percentage points. Should owners anticipate being out of town, they should arrange for the advanced payment of levies to meet the due dates. Non-payment of the invoiced levy amount and any deductions there from may not, under any circumstances, be made by members to offset so-called or perceived partial or non-provision of services. Arrear levy accounts over 30 days are handed over to ZEMA’s attorneys and will accrue legal costs.

If members, contractors or service providers fail to comply with the rules, the Board has the right to impose financial penalties. Fines, where imposed on owners, shall be deemed to be part of the levy due by the owner.

·         Contravention of Estate Rules by “Others”

Any contravention of the Estate Rules by any person who gains access to the Estate under the authorisation of a member shall be deemed to be a contravention by the member.

Contravention of the Estate Rules by Contractors, Sub-Contractors or any Service Provider will also make them liable to fines and may jeopardise that company’s/ individual’s continuance of business activities on the Estate.

·         Visitors

Members shall be responsible for the actions and behaviour as well as the compliance with all rules and security procedures of all visitors who gain access to the Estate under their authorisation.

Members may elect to pay their levies and any other accounts with ZEMA via debit order,  Members are assured that the amount of the order is fully under the control of ZEMA and not the banking institutions.  Please address any queries to the ZEMA offices for the attention of

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Fee increase for 2018 – Incl. VAT


Levy R 3,200
Levy Stabilisation Fee R 51,790
Road Levy Surcharge R 580
Levy Clearance Certificate Fee R 610
Rental Administration Fee R 880
Fractional Administration Fee R 880
Rental Agent Accreditation Fee R 3,450
Post Box Key Fee R 120
Golf Cart Registration R 235
Sale Agreement R 420
 Additions and Alterations  R 10,910
 Contractors Levy / Site Handover  R 8,890
 Monthly Fee for Expiry of 12 Month Building Period  R 2,230
 Plan Submission Fees  R 21,730
 Landscape Fee R 3,090
 Disks  R 80
 Tags  R 80
 Remotes  R 500
 Country Club Subscriptions  R 9,925
 Handicap Fee  R 514

Switchboard: +27 (0)32 538-4300

Membership to the Zimbali Country Club is derived through the purchase of property on the Estate Application for composite membership compulsory to be completed as an annexure to the sale agreement. For assistance and when details change please contact This is applicable to all existing residential homes, sectional title developments, and vacant land.

A Golf Course Debenture, currently priced at R50,000, is required to be purchased from the Zimbali Country Club with the purchase of a property. This is a once off payment. Each debenture is non-transferable and non-convertible and bestows composite membership to the debenture holder and up to a maximum of four (4) immediate family members.

An annual membership fee is due annually by the composite member. These fees are determined on an annual basis. Where the registered owner of a property is not a natural person i.e. a close corporation, company or a Trust, the owner must nominate a natural person to be the composite member and holder of the debenture for a period of one year. This nomination must be done in writing to the Zimbali Director of Golf, Zimbali Country Club, and may be renewed or changed on an annual basis. Application for nominee’s For assistance and when details change please contact

When a property is sold, the original debenture certificate held by the Seller must be returned to the Zimbali Country Club in order for the debenture to be redeemed at its par value of R20 000. A new debenture is subsequently issued from the Zimbali Country Club to the new purchaser of the property.

Handicap Card Order Form
In order to be registered with the South African Golf Association  and to obtain a SAGA card the member needs to be handicapped. To ensure the handicap  details are correctly entered on the system at Zimbali Country Club please find attached form for completion. For assistance regarding the completion of this form please contact