Zimbali Country Club Membership

Zimbali Country Club Membership

Membership to the Zimbali Country Club is derived through the purchase of property on the Estate Application for composite membership compulsory to be completed as an annexure to the sale agreement. For assistance and when details change please contact finance@zema.co.za. This is applicable to all existing residential homes, sectional title developments, and vacant land.

A Golf Course Debenture, currently priced at R50,000, is required to be purchased from the Zimbali Country Club with the purchase of a property. This is a once off payment. Each debenture is non-transferable and non-convertible and bestows composite membership to the debenture holder and up to a maximum of four (4) immediate family members.

An annual membership fee is due annually by the composite member. These fees are determined on an annual basis. Where the registered owner of a property is not a natural person i.e. a close corporation, company or a Trust, the owner must nominate a natural person to be the composite member and holder of the debenture for a period of one year. This nomination must be done in writing to the Zimbali Director of Golf, Zimbali Country Club, and may be renewed or changed on an annual basis. Application for nominee’s For assistance and when details change please contact ytheocharopoulos@zimbalicc.co.za

When a property is sold, the original debenture certificate held by the Seller must be returned to the Zimbali Country Club in order for the debenture to be redeemed at its par value of R20 000. A new debenture is subsequently issued from the Zimbali Country Club to the new purchaser of the property.

Handicap Card Order Form
In order to be registered with the South African Golf Association  and to obtain a SAGA card the member needs to be handicapped. To ensure the handicap  details are correctly entered on the system at Zimbali Country Club please find attached form for completion. For assistance regarding the completion of this form please contact ytheocharopoulos@zimbalicc.co.za