Members and Guests

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A summary of some of the Rules, Regulations and Protocols of ZEMA:

  • Vehicle restrictions to the Capital Zimbali is 10 Tonnes (10,000kg)
  • Vehicle restrictions to the Country Club and Zimbali Lodge is 7 Tonnes (7,000kg)
  • All persons are required to obey to the Rules of Zimbali.  Failure to do so will result in fines being imposed. Law enforcement officers are instructed to issue fines and cannot use their own discretion.
  • All damages, incidents or injuries need to be reported immediately to Security.
  • Should a fine be issued and not paid, the person who requested your access will be held liable for the fine.
  • All valid driver’s licenses and motor vehicle license discs will be scanned by the CanCom ID Tech scanning devices on entry to the Estate.

A summary of some of the Finable Offences:

  • Speeding on the Estate is a serious offence.  The speed limit is 25km/hr and law enforcement takes place on all roads within the Estate.
  • Access Control Disc’s are allocated to an individual.  Should you misuse your disc or allow another     person to use your disc, you will receive a fine. Tailgating is a serious offence.
  • Should you be issued with a Kalamazoo slip and lose it, a fine will be imposed. All Resort visitors     must have their Kalamazoo slips signed by the Estate before exiting the Estate.
  • You will have restricted access to the Estate and we reserve our right of admission.
  • Searches of person’s and/or vehicles may take place at any time.
  • All drivers of vehicles (including golf cart drivers) must be in possession of valid drivers’ licences.
  • The Estate’s noise policy is strictly enforced.  All complaints received are investigated and the     necessary actions are taken.
  • No pets are allowed onto the Estate.
  • No boats, trailers or caravans are allowed.
  • No fireworks; open fires; interference with wild life.
  • Threatening/abuse of Security personnel will not be tolerated.
  • No wandering off site; smoking confined; fire hazard area; not to interfere with wild life.